Bunter Hund, Zittau

Politaoke, the nonpartisan political speech karaoke bar, lets you re-speak real, contemporary political speeches from local, national, and international politicians. Pick a speech from our new 2019 Sachsen election program or a greatest international hit from shows spanning back to 2007. Storm the stage, grab the mic, or just enjoy the show. Join the party, perform & unlike politics everyone can win!

Not all of us can sing, but some of us still have a voice – do you? When democracy is not accessible, Politaoke delivers instant civic gratification! Politicians make history with persuasive speeches and it’s your destiny to repeat them.

Politaoke: Sachsen Landtagswahl Edition is touring Sachsen from August 23rd to September 2nd thanks to support from Dresden 2025 “Neue Heimat on the Road”, Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen & Artists Without A Cause. We’re featuring the best, worst & mundane from local politicians running for election! Want to request a speech? We’ve got a form for that! http://politaoke.houndbee.com/submit-a-speech/